PreLaborDay Gameplan

August 29, 2012

This has been a tough week with mandatory errands like vehicle registration stuff which took better half of a day, battery dying in a parking lot, and also helping the wife with medical related visits and errands. So I apologize to any clients out there who are finding their orders be behind a day or two. That being said, I also had already planned to do a 4 day vacation this Labor Day weekend, and as it is much needed, will be taking it. So I will not be in to answer emails etc Friday the 31st till after Labor Day (Tuesday). The one or two jobs that absolutely no-question must get out this week I will have done tomorrow, all others I will pick up where I have left off after the weekend. Including Delusions of Normalsy which will wrap up release Tuesday. Thank you for your patience, and remember. If you have a pressing deadline and a hard press date to make or anything like that, purchase the rush order, or please be patient. Thank you!

On a seperate note, I am looking forward to EWG's Rockabilly Zombie Queen exhibition piece being published exclusively in 'Zombook' by Graffito Books, comes out September 3rd! Mark your calenders and place your orders!

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