Lastnight (Thats what she said)

August 22, 2012

Just a funny thing that occurred lastnight. As you often do in the creative world, whether it be building custom cars like on Street Customs, or building bikes like over at OCC, or cranking out pages for a tight BIG 3 deadline, I was pullin a late night lastnight. I was having fun doing so, haven't successfuly been able to do that without falling asleep in a while. But lastnight, I had some good momentum, a fresh cup of coffee, some Sheavy to keep me rockin through the night, and the windows/ screen door were lettin in some great cool air (yay for cooler weather lately). I was determined to play catchup and was making good process, then I got to a point where photoshop started hosing up on me, and not acting right, so i restarted it, and it still was doing it, so i had to restart the computer, and it wouldnt 'restart' without having a big ol 'eh, windows explorer doesnt' like you' moment. So, I finaly decided 'well, I'm at a point where it'll take me 15 minutes in the morning to finish this and i'll send it out then start tomorrow's work' - so finaly 1 am said screw it, i'm going to bed. The late night of extra work definitly helped with production and get things done, but i can't help but wonder if i work too hard or too long of hours on a regular basis, when even my computer is calling it a night and i'm still trying to get things done :) Needless to say, this morning woke up good to go and got it done, but thought that was funny. The one night I am up and doing good with some late night working and my computer is like 'no no no, not tonight. mm mm, not going to happen'.

~Anywho, back to woikin! Got an hour to get stuff cranked out before lunch. I'm feeling a big chunky salad...

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