High Kicking Hench Girl - 2-4-13 Slot Commish

February 5, 2013

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Finished tonight's Slot commission, was goin off of some personal success in helping Patrick Gerard's kickstarter campaign for his project Ungrounded get the funding it needed and end with extra funding! Very happy for my own sucess and the success of EWG and also for this project. A pat on the back is deserved anytime the work you put into something did not hold it back and perhaps contributed to its success. In this case who knows, but the project will go on and I will have continuing work on it to focus on over the next couple months. Really looking forward to getting started. So heres the result of some rockin out, feeling succesful for once and kickin a little arse, in more ways than one :)

Hope the customer 'DangerFan' enjoys this little free-style design of a hench girl in the ranks of his OC, 'Purple Vixen'

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