Ungrounded Kickstarter Campaign Is Off The Ground!

February 5, 2013

Come March 1st this'll be my main project. I plan on putting 100% into this baby. Very excited for its successful Kickstarter campaign, which received over-funding (means there is a little extra to embellish the book that much more) and am very thankful to the fans and supporters who decided they liked the idea and the art enough to make it become a reality! 
So got some time to clear my plate of jobs a bit before tackling this monster, but come end of February will be rocking this story hard! Time to flex me some artistic muscles! Well... soon! Let the training begin :) 
Thanks to Patrick Gerard for the opportunity to work on his creation/ story, and thanks to the kind words of the fans and supporters on my art so far. Heres hoping to continue the success, and even improve on whats been done :) Also massive shout outs to Larime Taylor who is hitting the mark big time with the lettering on this book from just the couple pages that have been done so far. I'm impressed!
EWG is happy to be included in this epic project!


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