First Live Request Sketch Night A Success

April 3, 2013

Saria Linde as French Maid

For Gabby K/O Cory
Star Wars Clone Wars Ahsoka

For AnonAmon
Marionette OC

These are the three live requests I did tonight on '$15 sketch liverequest night'. 
Was a lotta fun. I think I could have done more and come up with cooler stuff if I didnt have a migraine type headache dogging me all day/ evening. But I'm happy with the average of 10 viewers hanging out tonight and the people who threw down some fun requests. 

Will make it a regular thing :) Maybe sometimes just quick ink sketches or other such things. Tonight was digital pencil sketches, which I indulged with some 'inkwash fills'.

Fun stuff. But thats it for tonight. I will be firing up Livestream 8pm tomorrow and Friday. Tomorrow will be full color Saria Linde as a mylittlepony character, and whatever I decided to do (if anything) after that. Friday will be 8-midnight non-stop Spring Sale orders live! See how many I can knock out. 


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