Rarity + Warmup Sketch 4/4/13

April 4, 2013

Tonights commission done on Livestream

The 15 min warmup I did before hand on Livestream

Had a blast. I chowed down on lots of spaghetti for dinner and that with some strong coffee had me in a zone artin like a mad man tonight. I really had fun, been several weeks since I had that feeling back. Hope it stays around for a while this time. Note to self, I do a lot better if I carbo-load before a major art session. Sort of a vicious cycle between that helping and the fact that i'm sitting on my arse all day/ night to draw and work. I'm sure the combination will backfire on me in the form of epic augmentation o the arse. But ah well. Worked for tonight at least!

The Rarity full color pic is a perfect example of a Full Color/ Finishes over Pencil Sketch. Note the more whimsicle lines and rougher sketchy style. Inked art which is a few bucks more is clean digital-brush inked lines and no scratchy scratch. I'm kinda fond of the scratchy scratch though. Neat aesthetic. Anywho! This might be last MyLittlePony elf commish I do for a while so wanted to knock it out of the park. I LOVE doing those magic effects and motion trails.

Below is the Livestream Video! Featuring the warmup first, then burning up the wacom with this smokin hot Rarity rendition! Enjoy! Tonights Livestream fueled by (spaghetti and coffee) Deadmau5 - Meowington Hax Tour Toronto 2011

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