Have a good end to the week!

April 18, 2013

Thanks to those who came out hung out today during the ol' 9-5 workday. Was a lotta fun. Funny that I ran out to spend some time with the wife and dog at the park and then realized we needed gas after the park so on way to the gas station ran out of gas and had to get rescued by the ma in law and a can of the neighbors gas. But then made it back an hour later than I thought we would and got lots more done anyway! Was a very good work day actually  Best in a long time. But I'm ready for the rain to hit tomorrow and the new UPS I have obtained from a private EWG investor will help very well during the thunderstorm we're supposed to get tomorrow. Rainy day means workin away at the ol' EWG studio! I find myself with an hour or so of free time tonight, but I think I'll dilly dally around on some Facebook games and go to bed. Got a long day of page work to do tomorrow and still want to squeeze in a character design or two. Been a good week. Heres to more this and that. Will be doing about one spring sale commish a day till done, and wed night next week will do a bunch live on the stream. So maybe I'll see you out there then. Goodnight and have a great weekend!

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