Trent Kanuiga - Swordsmen Digital Concept Art For Study/ Inspiration

April 19, 2013


Alright, well I do believe this is the first of my 'reference' section of the site. Stockpiling resources, inspiring videos or videos that make good study material. Useful texture sites, vector and other item sites. Features of that sort. So you'll now see a 'reference' label on the right and bottom menu of this site. Click it to check out what will be an ever accumulating stockpile of useful tutorials, demonstrational videos and resource links and reviews of stuff that has helped me out on various EWG client and personal works! Starting it off is one of many awesome digital art demonstrations by Trent Kanuiga on youtube, he does the art presents the video spead up a little bit and records audio commentary over top. Very inspiring! Hes come a long way since his 1995 work Creed and his Ghost Rider work. Check out his latest illustration work and work on his webcomic 'Twighlight Monk'.

Trent Kanuiga DeviantArt

Trent Kanuiga Youtube

Trent Kanuiga's Twighlight Monk

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