3 Nights this week 25 character commission

June 27, 2013

Well lastnight was the first of three nights in a row I will be livestreaming layouts and pencils on a 25 character commission currently in the works. Got it all layed out lastnight and then got some finished pencils going today. Had a couple jobs I was working on back and forth in 30 min intervals. And the finished pencils you see here took about an hour. I'm hoping the rest goes a little quicker. Time to carbo load for dinner and then knock out 4-5 solid hours of work tonight! Weather permitting!
See you at 8pmEST for the next round! And tomorrow (if a certain other responsibility falls through) for more!
View the video from lastnight below, the image is from this afternoon. Will be workin tonight! Dunno what music I'll be in the mood for we'll see!


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