Gabby Gizmo and Teddy Livestream Wrapup

June 21, 2013

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This is the finished commission I inked and colored on Livestream tonight. A few minutes into inking the power inexplicably went out in the neighborhood. So I got a fresh mug of coffee at 845pm and sat out on the front porch enjoyed the weather and some quality time with the father in law. Then the power came back on and I fired everything up again. Then in 2 hours and 15 minutes had this finished piece! It originally started out just the heroine character but then looking at  the character's reference noticed a teddy in with it and asked the client who was watching the stream 'whats the teddy about' and he said its a robot companion that looks like a teddy. I was like 'gotta draw that in' so surprised him with it. Drew it off screen for a sec and then slapped it on the pic and inked it with the girl. Fun stuff and anytime i can do a little extra like that to just knock it out of the park for a client i do that. It would technically count as another character but he was simple enough to draw so I threw it in for free. My original intention tonight was to draw 2 or 3 pieces/ finish them but this one took a while but I enjoyed taking my time inking it up and just going all out with it. I needed that today. Was a looong day and been a stressful week leading up to a hospital appointment for the wife today but everything went great and the weight is off my shoulders. I was arting pretty slow tonight though despite 3 cups of coffee in me. Just been up since 545am so guess just had low steam. 
Fun stuff, check out the full live-stream recording below. Thanks again Witty!
Also a side note, as of today thanks for the 30,000 hits on! And also eventually if I ever get the official price-list built will include chibis since more than one person has expressed continued interest in that for their characters. And I admit, they're pretty damn fun. So as they are just an concessional special item now, I will probably bring them in full time in the future.
Enjoy the process video, and stay tuned! More from EWG coming next week!
Have a great weekend!

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