Another EWG Live Wed Wrapped - 25 Eternals Tall

July 11, 2013

Click To Enlarge. The finished lineart, except for two characters this was all inked between 8pm and 10pm

Click To Enlarge. Additional touchup inks and spot blacks/ shades were added in from 10pm till 1230am

Great session tonight, Livestream vid below. I originaly was just broadcasting to broadcast, save a little memory and processing by not recording. but towards 90% complete with the lineart, a viewer mentioned they'll catch the recording later, and it occured to me this is a pretty significant work not to document it along the way. got the pencils step, and the lineart inks were mostly done unrecorded but got some of them and the black fills. Comin out awesome. I couldnt be happier and hope the clients are too! Viewers/ Clients involved in tonight's Livestream or this piece please feel free to provide feedback on this work in progress in the comments below!

Thanks again and can't wait to get this all inked colored up, all though i'll admit i'm loathing the flats. They're tedious on a one character much less this LOL. But it'll look amazing when done.

Heres the Livestream video. Thanks to all who came out to tonights 'EWG Live Wed' session. Was a great one. Really had fun. See you next time!

Watch live streaming video from eryckwebbgraphicsart at

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