Sister of Battle - Inks and Colors Completed

July 11, 2013

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Inks and Colors side by side, of this cool Sister of Battle commission for a customer. Held off till after the birthday of the Warhammer fan the customer bought this for before posting. I then forgot about it and then just saw it again so here it be! My first Warhammer based commission. Hope to do many more! Fun stuff. I particularly grew fond of these righteous women the more i looked at reference and info about them. They're definitely on a mission from god! (blues brothers reference). The idea was 'epic battle pose, with ruins or gothic themed background' and i was let loose. The reference varied from one source to the next so I do what I typically do when presented with a character with multiple design variations. Mix mash my favorite elements of each. And here she be! My only tiff is with the gun shes holding vertical, I believe I botched the angle of it on that one it'd be an all over fully satisfying picture if I had the bottom of the gun facing where shes looking not that weird angle its at now. My goof. But I think ti still works so I'm not fussing too much about it and the customer loves it. I did my job and more :) Fun stuff.

Fun stuff!

Penciled/Inked/Colored in photoshop by EWG

Character/World by Games Workshop

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