EWG Wednesday Night Live All Set For Tonight!

August 14, 2013

Tonights show
Thanks to all those who weighed in on the content to be featured on tonight's Livestream Event, the votes are in and the masses have spoken. Tonight shall feature a full digital art demo with palettes visible and recorded session of a two character 'eternals inc' related duo being pursued by a horde of villains. Shall be a good time. A prelim sketch is worked up but still remains concrete digital pencils, inks and colors/ finishes. Come out, see it happen live right here on eryckwebbgraphics.com by clicking the 'EWG Livestream' button on the right.

The votes speak for themselves! :)

And for those who missed it, lastnight was a impromptu stream where I worked on two great jobs, one was TnC #7 pencils/letters and the other is the epic full colors and effects on an Optimus Prime tee graphic commission. For now, the teaser below is all I can reveal :) You want to see more will have to hunt down the video or buy the tshirt!

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