8/14/13 EWG Wed Livestream Recap and Case Study

August 15, 2013

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Last-night's EWG Wednesday Live was definitely one of the more unusual cases. Started with a 'pre-streaming' power-nap going too long cause an alarm I normally don't use didn't wake me up. Went off at 730pm but didnt make any noise. So 8:15pm I'm scrambling to brew some coffee and get ready to go. Didn't help that when I sat down 8:30 to get things rolling, a recent system restore wiped out Livestream Procaster files so I had to re-install that. The net connections were going dog slow so I reset the router but apparently didn't wait long enough before plugging the power supply in. So it was fairly sluggish all night I think (sorry viewers). This morning I did some heavy comp maintenance and trouble shooting and got my computer and net connection running quick and efficient again. But last-night was just crazy. So, the occasional troubleshooting during the stream last-night left this session with multiple videos. And the art piece itself, seemed to take forever though I wasn't doing a whole lot of extra stuff. But I do think I love the end result of the artwork. I had something else in mind but sorta ended up in a sightly different piece. I think it could be better, but I also think it turned out pretty darn good. Hope the client is happy with it, and hope you who read this article enjoy the break down of the work flow below as well as the 3 parts  Livestream videos. Pencils in the first, inks /flats in the second and finish in the third. 

Next time I know what stuff to check out and test out before I do a live event. Then sometimes there's nothing to expect but random acts of chaos LOL. Thanks to all who came out, those who stuck with me till 2am and thanks for reading this article. One more Livestream event is a WRAP! It was a struggle to start, but ended up great I think. Pushed through, and got another great piece and happy customer under the belt. 

That's how EWG rolls.

Composition sketch of general idea for the piece

Rework of the original composition, the first was verticle this is on a horizontal layout
Decided wanted a more front/ dynamic view, so set this up with enemies in background got this nailed down about where i wanted things, so on to pencils
Cleaned up/ articulated pencils as far as I needed them to figure out where things go in the inks.

Don't do it too often but sometimes (like in this piece) like to flesh stuff out basicaly in the pencils, and finish it out/ definte it more in the inks. Saves some time and lets me have more freedom in the ink stage instead of making it all defined in the pencil stage then just redrawing it over again in the inks. Creates a less refined look but adds a little whimsy to it as well.

Flat colors, setting stage for effects/ lighting and figuring out where the focus is and what colors push the stuff i'm nto focusing on back more

And then the shades/highlights and glow effects and etc are added in for the final piece at top.
Overall a fun piece, I think some of the complications of the evening hindered my overall flow so it took longer than it should have but I think it will sit will in the client's gallery :) 

Enjoy the videos below and see you at the next stream!

 Livestream Part 1

Watch live streaming video from eryckwebbgraphicsart at livestream.com

Part 2

Watch live streaming video from eryckwebbgraphicsart at livestream.com

Part 3
Watch live streaming video from eryckwebbgraphicsart at livestream.com

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