Official EWG Pricelist Redesign Launched

August 19, 2013

Introducing an official price-list designed, and launched for easy reading and ordering for customers everywhere. EWG's retooled business model focuses on the two items it does best and enjoys the most, Character Art (Portrayals, Designs) and Tee Shirt Art ( Small, Large, Raster or Vector). In the last couple quarters I kept tallies of work versus cost and hours versus hourly rate budgeted to all jobs and retooled to price-list a bit. 
The emphasis was not on changing the prices as much as presenting the focus of EWG and the service options in a clear and understandable manner. Before it was just written in text, and a bit of an eye soar, now I believe its clear and present for customers who have been here a while and new ones feeling it out. I believe for the foreseeable future this should be right where it needs to be. I think most clients and customers will find its exactly like it was before just better mapped out for them. 
Check it out today here on the EryckWebbGraphics website by clicking the 'Commission Price-list  button on the Features menu, or by clicking this direct link here!
Heres hoping it makes the whole transaction experience with buying commissions easier for clients and cuts down on custom quotes and answering questions on my end. A win win hopefully
Comments/ Feedback/ Reviews welcome.

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