Morning Warmup - Bia

August 21, 2013

This is this morning's warmup of about 45 minutes to an hour, wanted to nail down the design of this original character of mine, 'Bia'. As the name suggests she is the 'personification of force and violence' and the more violence and opposition around her the more she can feed off of it and the stronger and more violent she becomes. That power is aided by some JCorp power gauntlets. You'd think shes too scrawny but the gauntlets are self supporting, and her fighting style is specialized around the gauntlets. One can act as support on the ground while the other is doing heavy lifting, they both become more invulnerable and strong as she does as she and her power is binded with them. They are supported by her harness and backplate mount which bares any occurring force which is distributed across her back.  She gets into them as they sit ready with shoulder/ upper arm parts open she buckles in puts her arms in and they close around. Her actual arms/hands stop at the elbow of this unit and the two arms constantly maintain balance and distribution of forces across the whole framework. Theres various other items like propulsion jets at back of the forearm parts and impact amplifying knuckles, various other things to be disclosed later on. Shes a soldier for JCorp that has earned her power gauntlets through trials of blood and ruthless obedience to her master long before she needed a power upgrade. Now they are just tools at her disposal to make her dirty work that much more effective.

Anywho those are sorta notes on this WIP character of mine (Bia as seen/ described here is copyright Eryck Webb 2013) - good morning warmup. Onto some Delusional materials all day.

Looking forward to the Livestream tonight, hope to see a good crowd out!

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