BatGirl and Meatman EWG Wed Night Livestream Recap

September 12, 2013

Meatman - click to enlarge

Young Justice - Batgirl - click to enlarge

Lastnight's EWG Wednesday Night Livestream was a fun one, had half a dozen viewers out or so. Thanks to those who made it out. Rocked out with a robust rock soundtrack and sketched out two End Of Summer Special orders. Will most likely do more evenings of them while I whittle down the list. 

End Of Summer Special ends Sunday (aka Saturday at midnight). Grab up some chibis or character art before the special is over. After that a retooling of the regular service price-list will take place and be the ongoing way of things once again. 

The stream went well with no complications hardware/ software or meware at anytime. Nice smooth session.

Enjoy the start to finish two-at-a-time commission session from last night on this Livestream recording, and see you next Wednesday! Also keep an eye on EWG DevianArt journal, twitter and especially EWG facebook for announcements of impromptu streams over the next couple of weeks.

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