Two Chibi Livestream Recap Thurs 91213

September 13, 2013

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Finished up this two chibis tonight on Livestream. The crowd was better than the official event I had lastnight (EWG Livestream Wed). Maybe I'll have to start doing the weeklys on Thursdays. And I'd be able to watch my Wed night shows. Whoddathunk? Well these were both a lot of fun. I enjoyed each for their own reasons. The one on the bottom was the first, of Jupe's OC 'Chance'. I went for a cute happy to lucky approach and wanted the whole thing to center around her staff some how. So I think its doin that. This was a bit of an unorthodox one because I didn't use very many black fills. But I dig the atmospheric colors for sure.
The one at top was the second one, took about 15 minutes longer apparently but felt like it was taking much longer. I enjoyed this one's character design had not heard of the game/ or character before. But played off the whole treasure hunter vibe at the top of some serious loot. 

Fun stuff, I even used a weathered paper texture on both to just add to their already abundant texture/ inkwash effects. Enjoy the Livestream videos below! See you next week for another stream! Have a great weekend!

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