Cyclopin' this morning

September 19, 2013

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Warmup this morning - some playin around with Xmen's Cyclops. Was pushing proportions and shapes a bit then it finaly ended up more towards normal but theres still some exageration in their and the feel of it being chiseleed out of stone or something. Also was goofing around with his eye piece. The thought was 'what if it was just a big round eye on the front of his head'. I started making it even bigger... dunno will experiment with it more another time. But I enjoyed caking on paint and chiseling it away here and there. 

All photoshop 8.5x13, about 40 minutes start to finish. 

Onto customer orders today! Todays priorities are Eternals Inc New Blood piece and a massive 80s nostalgia illustration. But the 80s piece more than the Eternals. Its time sensitive. And as much as I tried to chop away at the Eternals Inc piece and get it all lineart inked and flatted for tonights Livestream so I could finish it on the stream, I dont believe that will happen. One, I don't know what I did but many of the proportions and stuff are wierd and I have to fix those since they were the majority of the complaints, and theres other changes to be made. So that might end up taking most of the day. See the piece as it currently is below:

Not the front-most guy's leg and the small leg on the guy at right and little stuff. I mean none of it is a show stopper but I see it and the customers see it so it must be fixed.

Alright, so daz all. Thanks for reading these background notes on the cyclops sketch and overall ranting of the day :) 
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