Tonights Livestream

September 19, 2013

[note legs, arms and body sizes that just need redrawn]

Will be Livestreaming 8pmEST tonight, featuring a new Eternals Inc group pic I've been working on. My attempts to get it done this week did not pan out so instead of 'finishes' tonight I will be going back to the drawing board literaly and redrawing many portions of it and re inking and hopefuly end up with happier customers all around. Right now as they have expressed, it 'feels rushed' and theres a lot of wonky proportions and though not my intention, feels a lot like 'time was not taken' with the piece. So, will be about a week or two till its completely done, but in take 2 of working on the piece, hope for a much better work all around, and happier customers.

See everyone tonight 8pmEST over at EWG Livestream for the live broadcast of work in progress on the piece.


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