Pre-Work Warmup - Leonardo

September 16, 2013

This morning's warmp is of the ninja turtle that got me drawing back in 3rd grade, Leonardo. Ever since I been a huge turtles fan. That was around the time I had the figures, watched the tv series like it was religion, loved the movies in theatres and traced out of a TMNT coloring book every day till i started redrawing it from memory, then started experimenting with changing that same pose i drew over and over and eventualy was free-styling it on my own. The volution that is now EWG baby!
Alright... onto lots o work work rest of the day. Have a good one!

About 40 minutes, sketched and finished in photoshop with brush tool for lines and pen tool for fill blacks and shades and brush tool with stylus opacity for the highlights and then some weathered paper texture for the finishing texture and some color balance tweaks.

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