Thursday Night Livestream Release

September 16, 2013

The Weekly EWG Livestream night moves to Thursday. Mainly cause got stuff on Tues and Weds and the viewers all seem to have stuff on those days too. Thursday seems to be the overall preferred night. So Thursday Night Livestream is go!

This Thursday features the finishing of a new 15 Character commission featuring the Eternals leader Colosso and the new blood of the group, posing on the stairs, infront of their headquarters, ready to rock and roll. The art will be lineart inked and flatted by Thursday, and Thurs night will feature blackfills and shades/highlights and effects (all the fun stuff). Come see it happen live 8pmEST Thursday! Going till around midnight, but will go longer if needed.

Only over at the EWG Livestream Channel:
(Or click 'EWG Livestream' button on the menu at right)

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