Spidey Senses Tingling

September 10, 2013

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This mornings 15 minute warmup featuring a fav web-slinging hero character o' mine! Just a fun bust sketch felt like maybe i channeled some CreatureBox with this one, not intending too. But thats a very cool thing cause they are a crazy good buncha doods. 

Alright... time to start work for the day! This is the last week of the End Of Summer Special, be sure to grab them up. All orders will be completed in roughly 2 weeks from point of order, but at most by early october.

Stay cool, got some muggy air from mexico comin in today. Come on Canada bail us out! Eep!
AC's on today needless to say.

Who would be up for an EWG run 'art prompt' style art jam that changes every week? An idea I throwing around. Would either post all participants here or at least link to where they post em. Could be tight. 

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