The Grandmaster DOOMSDAY DEVICE.

September 6, 2013

Thank you thank you to 'Silent Investor Man' (a.k.a. Computer Wiz Daddyo ) for my early birthday present, an EPIC DOOMSDAY DEVICE OF MASSIVE MULTI-DIMENSIONAL PROPORTIONS! He provides IT/ Tech I provide artz. Got it rolling 100% setup as of this morning.... epic stuff. Expect higher quality livestreams, less equipment problems and the potential for massive EWG ART LEVEL EVOLUTIONZ TO THE Nth!

This is the first full blown drawing I did on the new machine this morning after intalling photoshop, livestream, wacom tablet, transfering files from old machine yada yada yada.

so in a nutshell expect better, higher quality production, and also higher def/ quality Livestream sessions!

Thanks very much :) You got some serious art payback favors comin your way man!

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