First Thursday Night Livestream of 2014 - RECAP

January 3, 2014

First finished commission of 2014!

Got online about 815 to fire up the livestream and the procaster wouldn't connect. Every other means of logging into Livestream worked fine but the procaster needed to stream desktop art production wouldn't work. Fidgeted with changing settings, re-installing procaster and even trying to fire up Ustream just for last-night but Ustream is a joke if you ask me... horrible interface/ software. Finally thought to check my firewall and add it to the allowed programs. Walla, around 945 it was working properly again. So posted links that Livestream was go and cranked on some tunes and went to work!

I am enjoying the new workflow I am doing with pencils done in Photoshop per usual and then moving over to Inkscape for inks - the brush tools come out dynamic and smooth and far more expressive. Then when it was done I moved it back over to Photoshop for finishing/ colors.

I'm also attempting to have more fun drawing in the way that I like which is a bit more cartoony/ anime-esque? Pushing proportions and exaggerating shapes. This is a good example of the general direction I'm trying to go in my work here at the start of the New Year. Quality/ and further exploration o the style. Enjoy the Livestream, and see you every Thursday for a live session where you can come out, chat with me, other viewers and listen to music/ watch art happen in real time.

 The other steps:
Layout Sketch

Pencil Sketch Tight As I wanted To Go
Finished Inks in Inkscape

Watch live streaming video from eryckwebbgraphicsart at

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