Raphael Warmup - Inks Practice

January 2, 2014

This mornings warmup - instead of in the sketchbook i decided to just cut loose and do a random drawing practicing with new inking tools in Inkscape this morning. Loving the variety and possibilities those tools have to offer. Heres a random sketch of Raphael from TMNT doing some random expressive lines and hatching and filling in with blacks and splotches and going back over with white brush to finish it all off - fun stuff. 

I believe getting better and more familiar with the interface of Inkscape for freehand inking with my wacom tablet will serve to improve my work 10 fold. As the lines are 100% vector and theres far more brush options and control and inkscape further smooths and tracks the gesture of lines better so it'll come out more crisp. Also it can easily be used to ink pencils imported from photoshop and then export them back out to finish in photoshop. I've already done this with some character art since returning to work after christmas, and inked the entire run for january's TnC Comics in inkscape. 

Anywho! Onto more work today! There will be a Livestream tonight at 830 till 1030 featuring full color one character of an Xmen OC commission. I invite you to come out check out the first Livestream of 2014!

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