New Year Resolution - DRAW

January 1, 2014

Page one of my new sketchbook my mom (the original art master) gave me for christmas. The first page of a new sketchbook is usualy the most difficult to do but this one slapped up nicely! Sketched 12/31/13

Page 3 of the sketchbook, sketched this morning ( 1/1/14 ) featuring the EWG Dewd goin at it!

Different angle on same pic. Showing also the materials used. Can roughly see the turtle on the second page that was 'eh'. Loving this pic very much will maybe use it on the website or around the ol' branding somehow! Shows my actual headphones and actual wacom stylus

Part of my New Year resolution is to re-capture the fun I have in drawing and doing what I do. Its gotten a bit 'not fun' lately and I think thats something I definitely need to fix. Part of the effort is to do a warmup every day if possible. One, to keep my skills up, two to experiment and do free reign art and whatever I feel like before doing work for everyone else and third help push my art evolution and try new techniques and grow. So part of that is inspired by a new sketchbook I got for christmas. Nice ring binded sketchbook folds flat really nice and the paper/ size is ideal for experimenting/ and what not. So I have tried to draw on one page a day for warm up/ daily discipline. Heres some drawings. The first page is the robot, I did a second page which is a wierd negative space ninja turtle thats not worth showing. But today sat down to do the first drawing of 2014 and had the inspiration to do EWG mascot Dewd workin his art magic. This may end up being a finished piece to be used for 2014 websites or what not but for now, a darn fun drawing for January 1st, 2014! Got some family in town I've spent time with but will get more and more work done by end of the week. After all these holidays will be able to produce art at a regular pace! But for now taking advantage of the slower pace.

Have a great start to the new year!
My personal resolution is better overall well being, and contentment and sticking true to the mantra: 'Give me the serenity to accept what I cannot change, the courage to change what I can, and the wisdom to recognize the difference'.
My EWG/ business resolution is to have more fun with what I do, to further improve everyday and to really push for the best on all customer work!
Also my main goal going into my 5th year anniversary in business is to refine the business, push it further towards the ideal setup and come out of 2014 a well oiled and optimized machine!

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