Weekly Slot vs Normal Order - Didja Know?

February 6, 2014

Didja Know There's a difference between Weekly Slot Commissions and Normal Commissions?

A weekly slot commission is setup with individual pricing. Meaning they are intended as one client per slot. It was decided shortly after starting the slot style commissions, that multiple characters purchased could be requested in one canvas together, but the client must pay full price for each slot whether the characters are in their own canvases or together in one. The time to render each figure has shown to be the exact same whether they are in one canvas or separate. The trade off for this, is you receive the work in one week from purchasing - and in almost all cases, the exact day you reserve.

In comparison, a normal price-list item, is a bit cheaper and has more options, but takes a little bit longer to get.  Normal character art commissions are setup with allowance of multiple elements in one order. Extra characters in Normal orders are cheaper in price than that of Slot orders, but the trade off is that Normal orders are subject a standard 3-4 week turnaround time. Normal Orders can also be upgraded to inks, full background, original design and other items. Slot commissions can not be upgraded. The time to complete multiple characters in a Normal order takes equally the time as that of a slot order, but upgrade prices have been lessened in allowance of the extra time to complete around other orders.

So depending on what a client wants, one is better suited for them than the other.

Also, one more difference is that while Weekly Slot orders offer the option of Normal or Chibi style art. The regular EWG price-list does not carry Chibis as a regular item. For the time being, Chibis are only available in special and slot commissions.

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle!

Further questions about these two or anything else related to EWG commission options please comment/ ask below!

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