10 New Slot Commissions Opened For Next Week

February 6, 2014

Update: As of 2/7/14 - 12:00pmEST - All Spots Booked! Thank you everybody!
Update: As of 2/7/14 - 11:30amEST - One Slot Left
Update: As of 2/6/14 - 4:00pm - 6 Spots left
Update: As of 2/6/14 - 3:00pm - 7 Spots left

Now announcing the release of 10 new slots for next week!

Here is a couple highlights from this week's full color over pencils slot commissions.
Most are simple background - to no background - I throw in a little background on my discretion when inspired/ appropriate. Usually something that takes little to no time. 

Final art is Full Color Over Tight Pencil Sketch
300dpi JPG 8.5x13 (scales to comic page size or tabloid size nicely)

1. Send 31.00 via Paypal to eryckwebb3@yahoo.com 

2. Send ONE picture reference and CONCISE note about character via email to eryckwebb3@yahoo.com 
(Please no text descriptions or changes outside of pic of reference - this will constitute character design)

3. Indicate NICKNAME to use for ordertracking 
(since these do not have invoice numbers. This is for your privacy)

Do the above three things and you will be put down in the next available slot. Please check listing before buying. You do not need to ask me before buying, if a spot is available, send payment and request and you will be put down in it. If you send payment and request and for some reason there are no spots available you will be put into a slot on the following week, no problem. HURRY, these tend to go fast!

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