June Sketch Night and General Notes

June 19, 2014

Well here getting toward the end of the week time for a bit of an all around update entry in the notebook section! Mainly want to cover the state o' the EWG union, events and general updates!

Grab A Seat Early!
First off, don't miss out on tonight's June edition of Live Sketch Night - as its an opportunity to get some awesome full figure black and white art for $5-$10 dollars off (depending on what your normal options require). So come on out for that. Event starts at 8pmEST(EDT) and will go till midnight, will stop taking orders at 1130pm! Always a lot of fun, just free styling start to finish pieces. Goal is 30 minutes a piece but they take no longer than an hour each. Orders only accepted during event, its requested that you have your one pic of reference and $25.00 paypal ready to go! Take advantage of the savings and order more than one tonight during the event. One per customer will be done during event the extra orders will be taken care of over the weekend! No additional fees added. So see everyone out for that tonight! The last two were a blast. Search 'sketch night' on this site and check out recaps of the last two events. So far EWG has held one a month. Full body depictions will be the format, normal and chibi styles accepted!

On the EWG business front as a whole, I've whittled away at orders and hopefuly theres a whole lot of super happy clients out there enjoying their new art. Accepting new orders daily as I book them a week ahead or two and always open to give quotes for your creative needs. Right now focusing on Character Design, Character Art, Tshirt Graphics and Logos. Taking a break from taking on more comic work right now, so I can concentrate all my comic efforts on UTMNT webcomic and TnC webcomicstrip as it heads into its 1st year anniversary! So happy to say I'm all caught up on orders and churning them out at a regular pace and look forward to the new orders folks will be sending my way. Keep them coming and thank you thank you for the business!

General updates regard just general FYI issues around the EWG interwebs. The pricelist is the main item in question as I've gotten a couple messages asking about it being down. Every quarter I look at my time sheets and re-evaluate my rates to make sure they're not overcharging for the time it takes me to complete things and also so that I'm not eating time and undercharging myself. So every quarter I try to do a rate adjustement, and usualy nothing changes I'm pretty much on the mark anymore. But this is currently being done at the same time as redesigning the look of the pricelist page so that its got specific examples of each item, clear descriptions of what customers get and make it as clear and easy to understand the price options as possible. Should have that squared away by the end of June.

Thanks so much to everyone planning to come out tonight, can't wait to see what requests you toss my way. Sketch night is always so laid back and fun. When waiting for new orders I doodle whatever comes to mind myself so its fun to come out and see whimsicle sketching too if you dont want to order I invite you to still hangout observe. Always some peppy tunes and silliness afoot. Final files can be received 8.5x13 or 11x17 and make great gifts or printouts to hang on your wall.

EWG is up to speed and runnin steady and having a great summer business season so far. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to that, and look forward to seeing what comes next!

See you tonight, and heres lookin to the weekend!

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