Throwback: Invisible Woman 2009 v 2013

June 19, 2014

My throwback posts generally try to look back at my work from years past, seeing where I was at that time in my creative career and compare it to my current work and studying how much its changed. In this case we see a depiction of Susan Storm, Marvel's Invisible Woman. Here are two fanart commissions depicting her, one from when I drew pencil illustrations the very first year EWG began and then the other is inked version in the same process I use today. Costume differences aside, I'm looking at overall form, design style and approach to the form and aesthetics.

My main observations are that anatomy got better, including facial structures and the biggest difference would probably be the jump from traditional pencil on bristol and the current one is all digitaly penciled in photoshop and inked in inkscape. Hence tools to make the circles near flawless on the newer piece as opposed to the older piece looks like I just freehanded it.

My approach and style to the black shades still looks very similar, I like the big bold black areas to define light and dark, always have.

What else do you see between these two?

Hope you enjoyed this comparison from 2009 and 2013!

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