Spiderman Warmup

June 23, 2014

#spidey #spiderman #warmup #sketch 
15 minute warmup sketch of Spiderman this morning to get the ol' hand loosened up for mega drawz today. EWG is finaly up and running at a diff location for a day or two full steam. Moved all my equipment instead of just using the backup laptop. Can work much more normal now. Got AC, power, interwebs and a quiet house to work out of. And two dogs to dog sit during the day. 

I traded our dog Wally the supervisor for two new ones?! What was I thinking? A mostly blind mostly def short stack old bity who can't make decisions and a hyperactive young upstart bent on lots of headscratches. Productivity will be at an all time high! Or not. 
Oh to be back with Wally cracking the whip! (referencing my comic strip 'Run Of The Mill')

Spidey here was drawn in inkscape with nib pen on 45 for the lines and white touches on the gray area which was filled in with pen tool. Then the background was done on a masked off layer with the splotch tool!

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