What The Flip - An Emote Interlude

June 26, 2014

Warmup sketch this morning, about 15-30 minutes somewhere in there I didnt really keep track. More emote than usual. But thats good to do sometimes.

I refer to a good philosphical quote that I've always liked but find it hard to put into practice sometimes:

'Grant me the serenity to accept what I can not change;
The courage to change what I can;
And the wisdom to know the difference!'

Words to live by.

Also 'if you promise somebody something by a certain time, or that you'll do something - the right thing to do is do it/ get it to them by that time, otherwise you need to stop promising stuff.'

'You also should not promise something for a long time and have their hearts set on it and then take it away for selfish petty reasons. That is just WRONG.'

Alright, emote session over for now. At least now I get a break from life's drama for a few hours each day while concentrating on my business.

Onto today's work!

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