Hellboy Morning Warmup

August 15, 2014

Warmup sketch this morning after a new configuration of my wacom/ keyboard etc. Ran wires a different way for my mouse/ keyboard/ wacom so they weren't in the way of the keyboard etc, and stuck a couple things on the base of the monitor/desk so that the wacom/keyboard are tilted more. Its easier to reach things, tilting towards me instead of flat or away. Time will tell if this will improve the work. I believe I had this setup like this at one time months ago and it helped with my drawing but will see if thats true or not. 
Some hellboy action, experimenting, practicing, every day!

And as a bonus here's lastnight Leo sketch i did before bedtime but without the gray shades - something about the raw black and white are pretty cool... anymore I often like the black and whites before I slap color on them or gray shades. Alright, onto the days work, one more day to knock stuff out this week. Have a great one!

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