Video: MC Monk Complete Process

August 15, 2014

Finaly figured out how to import recorded livestream videos, and edit the speed and content - and also overlay non-copyright infringing music that youtube and other places won't complain about. Heres' my first attempt - all beat a bit pulse pounding o' music, I thought it fit the break dancing monk pretty well. Will have to learn little things like fading at the end and so forth over time, and will probably slow it down a bit more for future installments, but these will serve as great demos of my process, and for the different type of work I do so clients can see it in action, and also be a good way to sum up live sketch night and stream events that might be 3 hours long, i can condense it into about 5-10 minutes. 

Enjoy the first proper installment of the EWG youtube channel, 'MC Monk Complete' - featuring a demonstration of an early 2013 single character no background commission of the client's Champions Online OC - a kung fu break dancin free running monky monk.


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