Video: TnC 1 Year Anniversary Commemorative

August 15, 2014

This TnC 1 Year Anniversary video is a commemorative look from around the end of production on the last sheet of strips from season 1. The only thing after the video I think was some texture and level adjustments and I went and made sure to tidy up the lettering alignment a little more before sending it out to Cory. The bottom strip, #52 was the last strip of season 1 and I wanted to capture the work on it with video for sure :) Only till now I didn't know how to edit for time and insert music that was acceptable on YouTube - I now have learned a bit how to do that.
So enjoy the video, thanks for all the support to me and cory, I love the strip and working on it is truely a highlight of my career. The above video is about 2-3 hours of work (forget exactly) condensed into 8 minutes. Enjoy!

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