Inkscape Brush Fine Tuning

August 22, 2014

Fine tuning brush settings and saving some presets, which I haven't done till now, getting myself a ideal brush the way I like it, an ideal nib the way i like it and an ideal splotch brush. 
Thats why I enjoy inkscape for drawing/ inking so much because its so customizable and you can really adjust settings to make the brush line and the way it feels/ reacts to your movements as fine tuned as you want. Pretty happy with the new settings... onto do some inking rest of the afternoon! Just thought I'd share my crazy lookin scratchin here! 

Eryck_Brush: Width 32, Thinning, Thinning 0, angel 45, fixation 0, caps 0.50, tremor 0, wiggle 0, mass 2

Eryck_Nib: Width 48, Thinning, Thinning 0, Angle 30, Fixation 90, caps 0.10, tremor 0, wiggle 0, mass 4

Eryck_SplotBrush: Width 75, thinning, thinning 0, angle 30, fixation 0, caps 1.00, tremor 2, wiggle 0, mass 0

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