All July Micro Sale Orders Complete

August 22, 2014

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Hello! I'm happy to report this afternoon that all July MicroSale orders are now complete! I was shooting for last Friday and got them all done except for a 3 order purchase from NoMaD due to some unexpected in-flux of work but I'm happy to say all orders are now complete. Hope everyone loves them and thank you so much for participating in that 4 hour livestreamed micro sale back on july 31st! Did you miss it? There are sure to be live sketch request nights and slot commissions again in the future. So stay tuned to EWG websites for notice when those happen. Place an order during the July Micro Sale and didn't get the finished art emailed to you? Its possible, but all are done so just let me know and I will get that over to you ASAP! But all SHOULD be sent at this point.
I wanted to commemorate the end of the sale production by making a video of the process start to finish of these three pieces. From blank canvas to pencils, to inks to colors, you can watch the video below. Also, further down below that, is a jpg of each step along the way, even showing flats, highlights and so forth beneath the lineart for those who really enjoy studying that kind of stuff. So heres the video, and process breakdown, and thanks again to everyone who made this micro-sale a success!

3 hours of work condensed into about 11 minutes!

Saved out images of the various steps!

Rough Pencils
Tighter Pencils

Flat colors (lineart layer turned off)
Airbrushed higlights

hard highlights overtop the airbrushed highlights
harder - near white highlights on shiny objects

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