Kung Fu Panda 25 min Warmup

August 12, 2014

#sketch #warmup #kungfupanda #gadoosh #chinese #kungfu #gungfu #showdown
Was feelin groggy this morning, to help get the flow going, though it takes 25-30 min out of potential work time, I find it often best to just sit down and have fun drawing whatever flows from the ol' brain, down the arm and through the pen to get the art partition of my brain locked in for the work day. This expands on a warmup sketch I did lastnight before livestreaming which was:
I do love something about the panda being a martial arts master roaming the asia continent (for whatever unknown purpose) and helping people a long the way. Maybe a new show is called for, not about Po but about a mystical warrior stature of a man look of a panda, a nomad helping people town to town on a path of revenge and redemption - Panda: The Legend Continues or something LOL - naw who knows. But yeah, I like it in a more serious style and more in line with old school kungfu movies and such. Could be awesome. Thats all that really ended up coming out here. Alright! Now that the art partition has taken the lead in this ol' noggin and the hand is warmed up - time to rock and roll on commissions rest of the day!

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