Leonardo Cool Down Sketch

August 14, 2014

#tmntmovie #ninjaturtles #leonardo #tmnt #sketch
Cool down sketch of my fav turtle 'Leonardo' - not going for anything particular just had an itch to draw something before going to bed so did a quick head-sketch and let the varied brush pressures fly. I enjoy the fat blobby areas and then when it tapers to thinner lines. Then topped it off with black fills and then took it from inkscape over to Photoshop to add the gray shades and highlights and textures.

Daz a wrap! Be sure to check out my current project with Nick over at Ultimate Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles for more on my visual take on the tmnt. Always a love letter to the turtles i grew up with in the comics, particularly A.C. Farley, Michael Dooney and Eastman himself.

Alright, time for bed!

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