3 Orders Knocked Out - Thursday Night Stream Recap

September 26, 2014

#livestream #digitalart #comicart #commissions #heroine #sketch
Tonights Thursday Night Livestream was nothing short of a productive evening. Originaly planned on working on a new Ungrounded job I have in the queue but realized I hadn't done today's slot commission and still had a couple $16 BW Sketch orders from last week's Live Sketch Request Thursday Night Stream that needed gotten off the desk. So I switched over to taking care of the loose ends. Today's slot was the full color inked piece of TamTam's 'Aegis' - the spartan looking heroine atop a rocky mount. Then I got an upgrade on one of those 16 dollars ketches to add color so I added the computer background to the black and white quick sketch of Kylie Griffin I did last week. Then topped everything off in the last hour with a final 16 dollar sketch order of 'The Flea' which is ALWAYS a blast of a character to draw. Good god, love the character. OK! Thats it, enjoy the finished art above, and the official recap video below. 3 hour 30 min event condensed to 6 minutes! Set to some proper tempo'd techno. Enjoy the whole event in sped up rewatchable glory. Thanks to those who came out, and thanks to those who enjoy the video afterwards that werent able to make it out. Comments and questions can be left below, TGIF tomorrow!

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