Earthworm Warmup - Gettin Back In The Groove

September 9, 2014

#earthwormjim #videogame #warmup #sketch 
After an exhausting work week last week, then a weekend 100% away from work and mostly away from the computer, and then taking a 'personal day' yesterday for my birthday - its been hard getting back into the swing this morning for this week especialy with the amount of work the lies ahead. Well one of the easiest ways to get the ol art partition of the brain switched back on and get back in that groove is to do a warmup or just free draw something for myself. This is what came out. I was thinking of what I wanted to draw and I remember a fan on facebook mentioning if I had ever drawn Earthworm Jim, and no sir, I have not. So thats what I did! Fun stuff and groove is settlin back in slowly but definitely headed in the right direction. Working on character art and design commissions all day so hoping come tomorrow when the concentration will be mostly on comic art I will be back in the groove proper!
Also those who bother to read my websites posts like this will have a heads up that Thursday Night Livestream is go this week and will feature a character illustration of a Generation One Decepticon - will start at 8:00pmEST and run till done! See you out Thursday night and have a great rest of the week. 
Back to the mill!

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