Harlock Fan Art Sketch

September 6, 2014

#harlock #spacepirate #anime #fanart
Just finished watching Space Pirate Captain Harlock - the new CG movie and it was great. Killer animation and visuals and redesign of the characters/ universe which was previously old school hand-drawn anime style and a bit more goofy looking back in the day. This was much more realistic and serious and awesome. Seems like it was done by same studio that did Final Fantasy Spirits Within, Final Fantasy Advent Children and maybe even Vexille or what not.

Very cool - this sketch is so so, not what I had in mind when I went 'man I wanna do some fanart of a cool Harlock in my style..' but as I started I began getting very sleeepy so this is what it is. Maybe try again another time. Recommend the movie, its on netflix, its uber creative fuel. But for now its off to bed.


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