Gurren Lagann Warmup Sketch

September 16, 2014

Gurren Lagann fan art this morning for the ol' warmup. Just started watching the series, fun stuff and great animation and really original mech/ creature designs. Just wish there wasn't so much T&A from that one character.... EVERYONE knows who I mean. Seriously how is she important to the series/ story besides a tease for the male demographic? Ugh... but the rest of the show is interesting enough to ignore that and enjoy it anyways. Specialy this stuby mech dude who will eventualy I imagine be the head of a bigger robot. For now he packs a mean little punch as it is. Onto the work for the day - lots to do.

Taking ideas and suggestions for Thursday Night Livestream this week which is Thursday 9/18 8pmEST - any and all will be considered. If I don't get any might not do one. Alright have a great work week.

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