Tactical Toad Stool Webcam School

September 16, 2014

A doodle whilst figuring out new webcam settings - played a mean game of Mario Party w/ the wife lastnight, and I was toadstool. We tied in the end, but just randomly drew him gettin serious with a military rifle. Found that funny.

Took last hour or two of work today to tinker with diff programs and settings to have a proper desktop webcam/ mic setup. So someday can do some traditional art broadcasts, will work good for video meetings and for hanging out with arcasters and podcasters. Also maybe enable some commentary etc on livestream sessions. Alrighty, check out the video from me messing around and having much assistance from @ectomaster! This was first real time trial and error teaching myself how to use ManyCam desktop and playing with getting the audio balanced/ not having crazy looping echo and video setups. Many thanks Ecto! Heres the video, enjoy before it gets taken down, its only on Livestream page for bout 30 days after recorded. I did not save as video file to upload to youtube. 
Don't mind my voice - seasonal sinusage. Lol. Also installed skype whilst, going to use that more for interacting with folks, and stuff n stuff.

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