Captain Marvel: Agent of Cobra

October 3, 2014

Check out the full step by step process below for this piece!
This is a full color over pencil sketch piece!
Rough pencil sketch

Cleaning up over pencil sketch with tighter more articulated pencil lines
Finished tight pencil sketch 
Finished black and white with black shades

Flat colors under the pencil sketch

Finished art with shading and highlights and color tweaks

Last slot of the week! Thanks for checking out the steps and work in general! Stay tuned for future slots. The potential to open them is every week but I refrain on weeks that have a high work load ahead of them. 
Any comments or questions about the process you see here or materials used, or anything at all, sound off in the comments below! Thank you for checking out this post!
Thats it for EWG for this week, TGIF! Have a great weekend

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