Inktober Day 3 - Gecko

October 3, 2014

#inktober #sketchdailies #sketch #warmup #morningsketch #copicmarkers #mixedmedia - todays Inktober doodle - tried to do it in sketchbook traditional. I think I'll stick to my digital guns from now on lol. This is... well.. eugh. But whateva, the point is the 31 day discipline not how good it is. Boom!
As before, click the 'Inktober2014' label at top of this post to see the others, click sketchbook to see the entire sketchbook. Also can see items in m y gallery under 'Sketchbook' for the run of this Inktober series.
The white areas were added in photoshop as an attempt to improve this sketch, but the damage was already done lol.

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