Thursday Night Livestream 10-3-14 Recap

October 3, 2014

This Livestream session was had a great attendance and the recorded session can be viewed as a YouTube video on EWG YouTube. But check out the various pieces and synopsis below for more information! See you at the next Thursday Night Livestream!

Started the event at 8pmEST and did this warmup to get my tools setup and get the ol' hand loosened up ready to do some drawing!

First up was this digital pencil sketch drawing of 'ShadowPanther' for Daji, with full colors per this week's Slot commission offering! Fun stuff, you dont see more thick powerful women heroines, we need more!

After that I refined the pencils on this special illustration of some new Ungrounded stories in the works, and thought I didnt think I'd get it all inked, I actualy did get the whole thing finished ink wise. Will color up next week!
The pencils of all three pieces were done in photoshop, the colors on the slot commission were in photoshop, and the inks on the Ungrounded 'MotorBear' piece were done in Inkscape.
Was a lot of fun and had a great 8 person turnout. Though I always seem to get people who never say hi or anything in the chat, I do very much appreciate you watching and checking out what I'm doing. If folks didn't then whats the point in streaming right? 
Thank you so much and see you out for Thursday Night Livestream next time!
Heres the whole 3+ hour video of the event condsned into about 7 minutes and 30 seconds!
Enjoy! And don't forget to check out the growing collection of other process videos on the EWG youtube channel!

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