Inktober Day 2 - Fearless Ninja

October 2, 2014

#inktober #sketchdailies #digitalink #sketch
Today's is a 8 minute one of my OC in his latest incarnation, The Fearless Ninja! This is sort of a new look for him I'm trying to nail down, but anywho, there it be! Two days in son! I will be tagging all these with a 'Inktober2014' tag (can see at top of post) click it to see all the entries from this series. Otherwise the tag will not be featured on any of the main menus. Just a sub-organization kinda thing.
Off to lots and lots of work today! But remember, even I had to remind myself, theres ALWAYS 15 minutes to draw something for YOU to start the day. Or after lunch. Or at the end of the day to reward yourself. The only excuse is your excuse.

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