Inktober Day 30 - Have Power Gloves Will Clobber

October 31, 2014

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Day 30 sketch here at the end of the day after some evening livestream work. Great way to cool down while all loose and in the groove from working. Was feeling some Macintyre Gearwind art for this session. When I get to Season 3 - chapters 10 and beyond, we'll see more of Macs true colors. Right now everythings been pretty oblivious and ignorant due to him not telling Billy what he was really involved in, as well as Billy not telling him what he was doing with his free time (using his power goggles to super jump across the nation and attracting lots of unwanted attention).
This is basicaly him, in his usual coveralls, tied down around his waste and he has dwarf bots 1 and 2 transformed into impact force neutralizing power gloves. It takes the toll off his shoulders/ body with counteracting any force put upon them or weight through various anti-gravity and other energy neutralizing methods. Though not meant to be heavy lifting, they do allow enhanced power in punching and hand to hand combat and optimum protection of hands and arms during full force blows. Also doubling as ideal blocking armor from nearly any blunt object or blade. Will also deflect normal bullets including impact energy. When not configured to his 1/2 punch gloves they turn back into two dwarf bots and go back about their business researching relics and maintaining the hq. There are 7 dwarf bots but only 1 and 2 turn into these. Remains to be seen what the other 5 can do.
He assumes this posture when having to fight opponents, spar with marty or confront billy.
Sketched with pen/ brushes in sketchbook pro and the gray shades added in photoshop. About 30 minutes start to finish.
Can't believe tomorrow is the last day. but I've made a point to do one every day for warmup or disciplinary exercise!

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